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Literati's Bio

I put a tiny blurb about myself in the "About Me" block in the sidebar, but for the curious and bored, I'm adding this page.

Name: Shannon, or Literati for fun. :-)
Hometown: Small town Ohio. I grew up about an hour from Columbus, and I'm a OSU Buckeye fan for life! I'm not hardcore, but I root for the Bucks.
Current location: Clearwater, Florida.
Job: Raising the future leaders of the world... also known as a Stay At Home Mom and Wife. Two jobs I take very seriously.
Family: I'm married, and my husband is in the United States Coast Guard. He's an Avionics Electronics Technician, which means he works on the electrical systems of C-130's. When he's not fixing things, he's out flying in the planes in case of electrical emergency, or at the station working. We have two sons, Tyler (5 in November, 2012) and Logan (3 in April, 2013).
Why I'm a Book Blogger: For obvious reasons... I love books. As a kid I would get in trouble all the time for not listening to my parents because I was reading. I even got busted in church reading "The Secret Garden". Mom was singing in the choir and she told me in sign language (yes, real sign language) that I was in big trouble. Oops.
Nowadays I'm more careful about my addiction, although it still eats up all my money. I have bookcases stuffed to bursting throughout my house, and someday, like every good book nerd, I want to have my own library straight out of "Beauty and the Beast".
I decided to go ahead and start my own book review blog because I have so much fun talking with other book lovers and comparing thoughts. When I finish a book, I always have something to say about it. I was having trouble finding a satisfying outlet for all my thoughts, thus blogging!
Other Things I Do: I spend most of my time doing domestic stuff- caring for the kids, housework, stuff like that. But when I'm not doing that... I'm reading! Hehe. I also enjoy baking, and going on walks with the kids. I occasionally paint, write stories, write poetry, and I love to sing. (Although I only sing when I'm alone)

For the Truly Bored:
Favorite Color: Used to be red, but I think I've moved on to pink.
Favorite Vice: Chocolate! Coffee! Ice cream! Cheese fries! Hehe.
Pets: A pug named Elmo, and a white cat named Lila. (Hee!) Plus a tank of fish.
How Do You Take Your Coffee?: Sugar and creamer! Flavorings too! 
Favorite Vacation Destination: Probably Charleston, South Carolina. Good memories.
Pool or beach: Pool all the way! I like to swim laps... without getting stuck in seaweed or nibbled by fishies!