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Tricky Trivia Tuesday (#4)

literati_rain66 Tuesday, February 14, 2012 , ,

Hello again! Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovely folks! In honor of this day of death (You thought I was going to say love, didn't you?) we are going to have a Valentine's Day themed question.

Valentine's Day originated way back when to honor the many Christian martyrs named "Valentine." These include but are not limited to Valentine of Rome, Valentine of Terni, and the Valentine the Catholic Encyclopedia says was martyred in Africa with his companions. So in fact, it started because they were all killed. Saint Valentine's head was preserved and kept in the abbey of New Minster, Winchester and venerated. Delicious! (Might I suggest that for Valentine's Day next year you present your love with a beheaded tedddy bear? After all, it would be more historically accurate.) But HEY! It's not all doom and gloom. A very famous poet wrote a poem about "Valentines" in the 14th century. And you guys thought poetry wasn't important! ;) 

After that poem, it seems that we linked the unspecified Greco-Roman February holidays of fertility and love to Saint Valentine's Day. Voila! 

In honor of all the men who were killed because of their religion and a poem, I present you with this:

Now, to the question!

Tricky Trivia Tuesday Question: Who is the famous poet that wrote the historic poem speaking of "Valentines"?

No search engines! Click HERE for the rules and details of Trivia Tuesday. Happy guessing!


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