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Literati's Literary Loves (The Highlights of 2010)

literati_rain66 Saturday, January 1, 2011
Yesterday I posted the list of all the books I read in 2010, and a blogger friend of mine, Unfinished Person, asked if I was going to post my favorites. What a good idea! So I've gone through and pulled out my favorites. What were some of your favorites this year? Tell me in a comment!

Glass Houses - Rachel Caine. This was a favorite because it started me on the entire Morganville series.  I was pleasantly creeped out and it was just a great read.

The Splendor Falls - Rosemary Clement-Moore. I loved this one. I'm a sucker for mysteries involving history- especially small town-kept under wraps-ghost story history. 

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead. Heh. This is one that I actually put off for quite some time, because I have a bit of a rebellious streak and it seemed like everyone was reading it. Well, as it turns out, there was a reason that everyone was reading it... it was great! 

Pride - Rachel Vincent. This book made me so angry! (In a good way) The characters whom I loved were getting such unfair treatment! I was outraged. I had to keep putting it down, but then I had to pick it up almost immediately because I just had to know how things were going to work out. 

Skin Game - Ava Gray. This one sticks out because a good friend of mine, Tiger Holland, gave this to me. Ava Gray is a pen name for Anne Aguirre, and this book was fabulous. Thank you to Tiger for getting me started on Ava Gray/Anne Aguirre!!

First Drop of Crimson - Jeaniene Frost. I love Jeaniene's books. Plain and simple.

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein. My sister got this for me for my birthday. It made me cry. Such a sweet story. It's told from the dog's point of view, and you see everything that happens to his human and his family through their loyal companion's eyes. 

Fire - Kristin Cashore. Do you ever just feel passionate about a book? I felt passionate about Fire. I was blown away by it. It was actually original and so very well written. *happy reader sighs*

The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong. I devoured this book. And all the rest of them. Easy reads, sure, but I love the "secret agency who is up to no good" story, and this didn't disappoint. 

Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews. All I have to say about this one (and readers will understand) is.... FINALLLY!!

Son of the Shadows - Juliet Marillier. I read the first of this series about 8 years ago and loved it. I've been meaning to read Son of the Shadows ever since, but it always got upstaged by a library book or something. I finally read it though, and it was fantastic. I bough the next one, and I plan to read it this year. 

White Cat - Holly Black. This one is memorable not only because it was an outstanding story, but I loved it so much that I named my own white cat Lila. (And I'm absolutely itching to read Red Glove!!!)

Stork ARC - Wendy Delsol. This book is (so far) the only ARC I've actually requested. I was browsing the Candlewick catalogue and the description caught my eye. Loved the story, and loved getting to interview Wendy as well! (Thanks Wendy!) 

Prophecy of the Sisters - Michelle Zink. Mmm. Again with the creepy history element that I love. Plus, the evil sister? Totally awesome.

Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver. Ah. Yes, this one. It's one of those books that makes you stop and really think about life, your choices, and the impact of every single choice you make. It was exactly what I needed to read right then. 

Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins. How can this not go on the list? It was the hottest topic on the blogosphere for months! I had mine pre-ordered long before it crossed most peoples' minds, and when it arrived at my door I took pictures. (Yep, I'm a geek) I say again, it was the only way it could end, and it was perfect.

Alpha - Rachel Vincent. *Nerd squee* Amazing, amazing, amazing! Talk about an excellent end to an excellent series. I want to write like Rachel!

First Grave on the Right ARC- Darynda Jones. This one makes the list because it was an unexpectedly good find. The humor was right up my alley. 

Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews. Does Ilona Andrews ever not deliver?? Bayou Moon defies words. Just read it.

Darkest Mercy ARC - Melissa Marr. Flibbidyjibber. *speechless* So. Good. 

Strings Attached ARC - Judy Blundell. Another unexpectedly good find. Again, I loved the history, the mystery, and the "holy cow what's she going to do next!" feel.

Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead. Perfect. My full review on this will be posted later this week. But this one absolutely makes the list. It was all I could have asked for.

So, what made your list? What books stood out for you? Looking back over my list, I realize that many great series ended in 2010. And they all went out with a bang. Kudos, authors. You made my reading year a fantastic one. What's in store for 2011? I don't know, but I know it will be good!


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