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literati_rain66 Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello! Welcome to Literati's Literary Library! Thanks for stopping by my blog on the blog hop! And thanks to Inspired Kathy from I Am A Reader Not A Writer for hosting this hop. :)

What you can win:
 This Side of the Grave, by Jeaniene Frost. This is book #5 in the Night Huntress series. (Cat & Bones) This series is one of my favorites!

This Side of the Grave (Night Huntress, Book 5)

How To Enter:
-Leave a comment on this post
-Tell me which side of the grave you'd rather be on and why; Vampire/ghoul side, or human side.
-Leave your email in the comment so I can contact you if you win.
-Follow this blog. (It's simple and painless, I promise)

US & Canada only. Contest ends at 11:59 PM on March 20th. Winner will be drawn shortly after the contest closes. 

(Comment button is at the top of the post, left-hand side. It's a pink box that sticks out and has a number on it.)

Good luck and thanks for entering!! Make sure to check out the other blogs on the hop, they're listed in the linky below!


LindsayWrites said...

americangirlie1991 AT yahoo DOT com

human side! i like how i am! =]

M.A.D. said...

GFC follower, and my email is
zenrei57 at hotmail dot com

Would choose to be on the human side, as I'd hate to miss out on chocolate, sunshine and enjoying good books lol

debbie said...

I am a gfc follower. I would be on the human side, I don't think I would like being a zombie.

Katy said...

human side! der!

Nightly Cafe said...

Happy St. Patty's Day! Following :). I would love to be on the Vampire side - oh the powers and stealth that comes with that.


bkwalkerbooks at comcast dot net

Cynthia Garcia said...

Human.Well, cause I am already human :)

brendajean said...

Fun giveaway- I haven't read any of these books yet!
Human side of course:)
I am a follower.

bchild5 at aol dot com

BLHmistress said...

Good question though I should choose Human , I love Vampires so I am going to the Vamp's side.

I am a new follower-BLHmistress


Laura H. said...

Thanks for the giveaway and for participating in this blog hop! I already follow via GFC (Bornajhawk). I'm thinkin' I'd have to stick with the human side. I wouldn't want to live forever and watch my loved ones die around me!


Michele L said...

I'd say Vampire...been a human, lets change it up a bit.

Thanks for the chance to win!!
GFC Michele Luker

jmluker (at)

Estella said...

I have to stay with the human side.
GFC follower

kissinoak at frontier dot com

latishajean said...

I have to say vampire side love them! Thank you very much for the great giveaway :) Im a GFC follower/latishajean

Lisa said...

I would have to say that I would stay on the human side I think. Just seems easier to me. I follow GFC Lisa McGeen

Jennifer said...

Great giveaway and question. I'd be on the Vampire side. I couldn't pass up the Beauty, speed, and immortality. Kinda fits with the too many books too little time. LOL
New GFC follower
BookNoise at gmail dot com

Judy said...

I would say on the human side!!

I am a follower-GFC-judy


Name: Aine said...

I follow!

I'd be a vampire! Definitely...

aine dot onetwistedpixie at gmail dot com

marian said...

awesome giveaway!!! i'll be with the vampires
i'm a GFC follower


Megan said...

THE VAMPIRE SIDE!!! It's the side Bones is on!! :) and Spade.... and Mencheres... it's definitely the yummiest side!

megankyser at gmail dot com

Jaidis said...

I'm a new follower:)

It would totally depend on the kind of vampires, meaning if they are the cool,sexy kind..or the animalistic kind. It would be tempting to be on the cool, sexy side :)

JaidisShaw at yahoo dot com

Laura said...

i would be a vampire why? because these vampire are sexy, immortal and don't die on the sun and also because i'd rather not eat raw food like the ghouls

Lisa R/alterlisa said...

I'd want to be on the Vampire/ghoul side if I got to be around vamps like Bones.

I'm a new follower-Lisa Richards

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Juana said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

I am a new GFC follower = Juana Esparza

I would choose to be on the vampire side I have always liked them (movies, books).

throuthehaze said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I am a follower.
I would like to be on the vampire side because they are strong and immortal :)

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

JHS. said...

Well, I think I'd like to try the vampire side for awhile. Might be fun to come out at night and terrorize the villagers.


jhsmail at comcast dot net

Christine said...

Vampire. It sounds more fun. LOL

ceeenndee at gmail dot com

Bella said...

Vampire side for me. Immortality and staying young? I'm IN! lol

BellaMarie @ tampabay . rr . com

Christie said...

I think it would be interesting to try out the other side!

swaggirl01 at gmail dot com

Amosette said...

I would so be on the vamp side they just have more fun :).
Julie Meyers

Jennifer said...

I'd be on the vamp side, because then I'd get to have cool fangs.

jenniferlynnadams at gmail dot com

Aanchal @ Book Flame said...

That's easy I say the Vampire side because of immortality
i'm also a blog follower

Anonymous said...

I would want to be human... for I don't like the site of blood and if I was a vampire I would starve to death because I would be passed out all the time by seeing it... lol

I am your newest follower....


Lora1967 said...

I would love to be a vampire fast stong and immortal...

Mary (BookHounds) said...

hopping on thru!

maryinhb @ gmail.
gfc follower

Lexie said...

GFC follower! && vampire, for sure! Being immortal means more time to do things... like read books! haha

Meredith said...

I would love to be on the outside of the grave, whether human or vamp! :)

meredithfl at gmail dot com

GFC follower

Jolene Allcock and Family said...

Vampire for sure, who wouldn't want to be immortal with amazing power?? Me please :)

GFC follower

Moonlight Gleam said...

Definitely the Vampire side! Superstrength and immortal yea!

thank you for this amazing opportunity<3

GFC follower


Katie said...

Vampire... i want to wake back up... just thinking about all the things I would get to see... amazes me!
GFC follower

SweetShenanigans said...

I'd love to be on the vampire side, just to see what it's like!
GFC follower
girl23rocks at hotmail dot com

Maria (pronounced Mariah) I blame my mother... said...

In the fantasy world I'm all about the vampire world...but in the real world I will stick with being human!

Thank you!

tearyeyedstars said...

I'd like to be on the human side please!
I'm a GFC folloewr
ejhtan at gmail dot com

Book Sp(l)ot said...

I'd rather be on the human side--you get to eat (food not blood), go where you like, be in the sunshine, have a soul, etc :)

Am a GFC follower

book.splot [at]gmail [dot] com

mbreakfield said...

I pick vampire side.
GFC follower

Linda Henderson said...

I would pick the human side.

GFC follower as seriousreader

seriousreader at live dot com

Amanda said...

human, deffinitely. the sight of blood makes me sick(and that's without drinking it!)
~GFC follower

holly said...

Human side. Ignorance is bliss right?

AimeeKay said...

I'd rather be on the human side.
GFC follower.

Dominique S said...

I'd like to be on the supernatural side. I've always had a fascination with Vampires and the like. Vamps being my favorite.

GFC: Dominique S
couponcookie at gmail dot com

andreat78 said...


I would choose the vamp side!

Victoria said...

I'd be human. I don't know if I could stand living through too many loved ones lives.


GFC follower

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