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Really Ravishing Review (Alphabet Woof!)

literati_rain66 Friday, September 24, 2010 ,
Review of the children's book, Alphabet Woof!, written by Sherrie A. Madia, illustrated by Patrick Carlson.
Alphabet Woof!
Toddler's Reaction: Well, I'd say he loved it. He had me read it to him three times before bed. That's really saying something, because his attention span isn't very long, and Alphabet Woof! isn't short. He loved the illustrations, and he had lots of fun pointing out the dog Moxy on each page.

Mommy Reaction: A very cute story. Alphabet Woof! is about a dog, Moxy, and his family. One day Aunt Mable makes alphabet soup and it gets spilled all over the floor. Moxy cleans it up and suddenly is able to speak real words. He is delighted by his new ability and entertains the family with all sorts of interesting tales and things he's been thinking about. Word spreads, as it tends to do, and Moxy becomes a bit of a celebrity. He even gets his very own talk show! Everyone is excited, and they move to L.A. where they live in a mansion with wealth and fame. This is all very nice, but Moxy decides he misses home- where Moxy just talks to the people he loves, because that's what makes talking fun for him.

Aside from a few punctuation mistakes, I liked the story. It was cute and easy to follow. As much as I enjoyed the story, I loved the illustrations. They really made the book. They're bright, colorful, and happily cartoonish.

A reason to buy it- A portion of the proceeds benefits the SPCA International, advancing the safety and well-bring of animals.


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