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Really Ravishing Review (Nurse Vaccine)

literati_rain66 Thursday, September 2, 2010 ,
Toddler Reaction: He was interested by the bright, colorful cartoon drawings of the Body Village residents. He, being almost three, is well aware of the world of vaccines and the pain that they bring. He seemed to like the story.

Mommy Reaction: Cute. I appreciated the fact that Noble doesn't say things like, "It won't hurt a bit!", because that's a total lie and kids know it. It does hurt. But the pain doesn't last long, and it saves you a lot of trouble and pain later on.

The concept of Nurse Vaccine was an interesting one, and I liked it. It's told from the Body Village residents' perspective. (The Body Village residents are organs; Steven Stomach, Raymond Brain, Harry Hamstring, etc.) They were upset with Raymond Brain for telling them they needed to get a flu shot, but Raymond Brain reminded them of what happened last time, when they did get sick. After thinking about the pain they suffered last time, they chose to get the flu shot, and even though other "Villages" got sick, they didn't.

All in all, it was a cute story about health and the importance of immunizations. My son seemed to enjoy it, and I plan to read it with him whenever he's feeling apprehensive about getting his shots. (Every time we go to the doctor's :-p)


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