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Really Ravishing Review (Son of the Shadows)

literati_rain66 Thursday, June 17, 2010 , ,

Review of Son of the Shadows, by Juliet Marillier.

Quickie: Beautiful, heart-wrenching, and engrossing. Get this book!

Full: Son of the Shadows is the second book in the Sevenwaters Trilogy. I absolutely loved the first book, Daughter of the Forest. The trilogy is set in old Ireland, where the "old ways" are still alive.  Magic and The Fair Folk are key elements in the characters' lives.

Juliet Marillier paints a stunningly beautiful portrait of Ireland in the days of castle keeps and homespun clothing. She also makes me thankful to not live back then... when men had the final say in everything and could choose a woman's future for her. It was painful to read at times, knowing this sort of thing really has happened. But Liadan, the daughter of Sorcha (who you meet and love in book 1), is a strong woman and she isn't about to let a man choose her fate.

If you're looking for some great fantasy, romance, folk lore, and strong characters, take a look at the Sevenwaters Trilogy. (Side note- Yes, the cover is creepy. Don't judge the book by the cover! :p)

5 stars out of 5.


Sandy said...

Oooh I will give the first book a try ^_^. And yes creepy cover maybe sometime in the future they'll get redone :D.

literati_rain66 said...

Yay! I don't know of any other Rathers who have read it, but I think they'd all like it. :) Yeah... this cover in particular is creepy. She looks like she's about to die from starvation or cast a death spell... eeks. I'd love it if the covers got redone... they deserve something beautiful. :)

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