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An Author Answers (Wendy Delsol)

literati_rain66 Wednesday, July 28, 2010 ,
I had the pleasure of interviewing Wendy Delsol, author of Stork. Stork will be released October 12th, 2010.

The Interview-
Literati: What made you decide to write "Stork"?
Wendy: My first three novels I wrote were in the women’s fiction genre, stories centering on relationships, family saga, multi-generational tales, etc. When writing the third generation, girls in their teens, I really enjoyed revisiting the issues and emotions of that age.
Once I made the decision to attempt a YA novel, I knew it had to be high concept. I also hoped to find a fresh idea, something that would attract the notice of an agent and eventually an editor. Years ago, when watching the TV show Unsolved Mysteries, I had been moved by a story about a very young boy who claimed he had a pre-birth memory of hovering above the earth and selecting his mother. The story stuck with me. I spun the idea to invent my human Storks, women with the responsibility of guiding these undecided souls.
L: Stork has Icelandic lore and Native American beliefs riddled throughout. How much research did you have to do in order to write Stork?
W: Though I did research Norse mythology, Native American legends and even Japanese proverbs, Stork is a work of fiction. I took literary license, big time literary license, when it suited my needs. Strict academics will cringe. Most of the book’s wisdom channels through Hulda, the elderly leader of the Storks. My design was for Hulda to be on old soul, one who recognizes the merit and validity of all world cultures and beliefs.
L: Any favorite scenes, or scenes that were particularly difficult?
W: My favorite scene to write was the Asking Fire, a pre-Homecoming event at Norse Falls High. As soon as I invented it, it was an event I wished had really existed when I was in school. (I know the name I’d have offered to the fire, even.) A brisk fall evening, a roaring fire, young couples inspired by the occasion, and a touch of magic—perfect. Or better still, full of potential conflict.
Not that I’d describe it as difficult, but the climactic scene was probably the most work. There’s so much action to the scene that the choreography became complicated. I wanted to sustain the tension while parceling out information necessary to explain the motivations of certain (names withheld to avoid spoilers) characters.

L: Kat is a Robin, Hulda an Owl- If you were in the Stork Society, what bird do you think you'd represent?
W: Good question. Green is my favorite color and I’m a warm climate kind of gal, so maybe a parrot. And how fun would it be to eavesdrop from a perch and then mock repeat the best tidbits overheard.

L: Okay, time to put the 'humble pie' away; it's time to toot your own horn! What is it about your book that will make people want to read it? 
W: Well, shucks, if I have to. I think the book is a unique concept. I worked hard at coming up with a fresh setting and paranormal angle. Absolutely nothing wrong with vamps and weres and fallen angels, they’re hot and rife with story potential. Still, I’m hoping my human Stork is something the reader hasn’t imagined before.

L: In Stork, there are a lot of witty lines. I've always wondered if that's just the author's brand of humor or if it's the character's voice. (An author can write an evil character without being evil themselves, so it stands to reason that they can write a funny character without being funny themselves.) So my question is, is it you or Katla herself that's so darn funny?
W: I think I’m a funny person. I make attempts, anyway. Credit goes to my English parents and extended family. No one was ever exempt from a little teasing and our family gatherings were boisterous. He or she who supplied the punch line or zinger was golden—or at least off the hook from being the punch line.

L: It's sometimes said that authors put something of themselves into their characters; a love for art, certain tastes in music, etc. Anything in particular you feel was or is a part of you?
W: Well, it’s sure not the emphasis on clothes and design. I had to do a fair amount of online browsing to invent Kat’s fascination with high-end fashion. I, myself, am a bargain shopper and am much more concerned with comfort than I am with labels.
The bit of me that went into Kat would have to be the feeling of new-kid-itis. I wrote it shortly after moving to Iowa from L.A., where I’d lived for twenty years.

L: Stork ended with a satisfactory, yet open ending. Do you have any plans for a sequel?
W: Frost, the sequel to Stork, is slated for publication in September of 2011. There’s also an untitled third book in the series to be released …  Well, I guess I should first write the darn thing.
L: What's your preferred environment for writing? Outside? In an office? Coffee shop?
W: I write at home. I’m distractible in other locations. People watching is too much fun.
L: Lately a lot of authors have been making their "book playlist" with songs that they listened to for inspiration during writing. Do you listen to music while you write? Any songs in particular? Or do you prefer quiet?
W: I write in a quiet environment. Every once in a while, I’ll play classical music. Nothing with lyrics, however. Again, distractible.

L: Getting published can be a long, difficult road. What made you decide to give it a go? Were you surprised with the results?
W: I had a health scare about eight years ago. It prompted me to take more risks and to go after my dream career. I suppose I was a little surprised with the results—and thankful, and grateful, and gleeful, and bubbly (or maybe that’s what I drank after receiving the news).

L: A lot of writers have 'that one book' that inspired them to take up the pen and start writing themselves. Is there any book in particular that made you want to write?
Pride And PrejudiceW: Pride and Prejudice is the book that turned me into both a reader and writer. Almost 200 years later and that book is still, IMO, relevant.

L: We know that you write, but what else do you do? Interests? Hobbies?
W: I’m married and have two teen sons (ages 15 and 13) who keep me busy. I am also a tennis addict enthusiast. I play on two teams, have successfully mind-controlled my younger son into playing, and watch countless hours of tennis during Wimbledon, and the US, French, and Australian Opens. Federer, BTW, is my idol (Behind Ms. Austen, of course).

L: What's one thing that not many people know about you?
W: I can’t stand garlic or cilantro. Yuck.

L: Anything I haven't asked that you'd like to share?

W: I’m writing this from a hotel room in L.A. while my sons sleep. Ironically, my scalp itches (just like my character Kat’s). Alas, it’s a sunburn and not the sign of membership to a clandestine organization of soul brokers. Phooey.


A big thank you to Wendy for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions! If you'd like to know more about Wendy, you can visit her website here. 

Now for the giveaway! I'm giving away a copy of ... you guessed it- Stork. How does this work, since it's not released yet? Well, you enter the contest now, and I pre-order the book for you and then have it shipped directly to you. Easy-peasy. It won't get to you until after it's released (duh) but hey, it's a free book! 

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That's it! I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about Wendy, and good luck!


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Great interview!

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