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Really Ravishing Review (Sisters Red)

literati_rain66 Wednesday, July 7, 2010 ,
Sisters RedReview of Sisters Red, by Jackson Pearce.

Quickie: Interesting twist of an old tale, a fun read.

Full: Sisters Red is Little Red Riding hood ... twisted. The big bad wolf is a very, very bad wolf indeed. Multiple wolves actually, packs of vicious, killer werewolves, complete with sharp yellow teeth and mangy fur. And instead of one little girl in a red cloak, it's two sisters luring the wolves out by wearing the color of lust. It was a delightful twist, and I enjoyed it.

Scarlett was brutally attacked by one of these wolves when she was just a child. The sisters' grandmother was killed, and Scarlett was injured while protecting her little sister, Rosie from the big bad wolf. Scarlett has devoted her life, as well as her sister's, to ridding the world of the evil they know exists.

Rosie is less enthusiastic about hunting the wolves, she yearns for a normal life- chatting about lipgloss, boys, learning to dance. She wrestles with the guilt of her yearnings though, because she feels that she owes Scarlett her life, and if Scarlett wants her to use her life to hunt, then she has to do it.

An increase in wolf activity and a few overheard bits of information lead the girls and their lifelong friend, Silas, on the biggest wolf hunt they've ever attempted.

Pearce does an excellent job of showing us the relationship and inexplicable bond between sisters. I have two sisters of my own, and I could relate to the feelings of resentment, jealousy, inadequacy, love, devotion, and loyalty. Who has the power to make me feel the most guilty? My sister. Who has the power to make me feel so very, very loved? My sister. Pearce captured all that, and I found it wonderful.

While I understood that Scarlett was driven... she annoyed the heck out of me. Holy bologna girly, ease up. Her whole life was hunting. So much so that she was blind to her sister's need for more, for her sister's unhappiness. She couldn't possibly understand how Rosie could dare think of sleeping, eating, or (shock, horror!!) taking a thirty minute class. Sheesh! She took every death personally, every moment was a moment she could be out there saving the world. I get that, I do. But you can't rid the entire world of evil all by yourself, or even with your sister and friend. So just chill out! Do what you can, but don't hate yourself for what you can't do.

All in all, I liked Sisters Red. (And given all the blurbs from well known YA authors on the back cover, so did they!)  :)

4 out of 5 stars.


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