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Only One Opinion (Never Talk to Strangers)

literati_rain66 Monday, July 5, 2010 ,
Review of the Children's book Never Talk To Stangers, by Irma Joyce. Never Talk to Strangers (Golden Stay Safe Book)

Toddler Reaction: Quickly lost interest, started rooting through the pile of books to find another.

Mommy Reaction: I wasn't impressed with this one. It was obnoxious to read aloud, and the rhyming was "gag-me" rhyming. I found the lesson to be a bit over the top. True, it's not safe to talk to strangers. But like all things, there are exceptions. I'm not sure that the fine art of "people reading" can be taught in a children's book. It certainly didn't happen in this one. Ha! If my kid (who is very literal and a 'black and white' thinker) were to apply this book to his little life, he would be a very rude kid indeed.

Also, I understand that it's supposed to be cute... but how is making the 'strangers' animal characters doing anything?

"If you are swimming in a pool
And a crocodile begins to drool,
Paddle away and repeat this rule-
Never talk to strangers."

Seriously? If there is a croc if your pool I'd say you've got bigger problems then talking to strangers. Maybe some kids will get it, but not mine. He would just see this as, "There are crocodiles in pools!! AH!!"

It also says that as long as you're introduced to somebody by a person you know, that means they are completely safe. Uhm. No. It's usually somebody you know, or sort of know that causes harm. No, not in all cases, but I just can't teach my kid that a person is safe as long as his teacher, friend, or relative introduces them. I don't want my kid to be paranoid, but I also don't want him to blindly trust somebody simply because he knows their name.

I think a book about kicking some serious stranger butt, or what you SHOULD do if you are approached by a stranger would be more helpful. Just my opinion, as always.

Alas, I found Never Talk to Strangers to be a dud. Stick to real-life learning, or find a better book.


SM Schmidt said...

Crocodiles in a pool...the author really stretched themselves didn't they? Are these type of books ever helpful?

literati_rain66 said...

Rarely. :-p Occasionally they can be brilliant... but most aren't.

Sandy said...

o.o The Lovely Bones showed me very well that even if you "know" someone that does not mean its OK. And that rhyme had me going wtf too, no wonder your little one lost interest lol.

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